Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Excellent YAPC::NA (for me)

Wow!  A lot has changed since last year.  It seems like this year was an emphasis on Perl 5 (which is fine by me).  It looks like developement on Perl 5 has really picked up.  There is a 6th edition of Learning Perl out which emphasizes Perl 5.14!  (I'm waiting on the Kindle Edition)  I found out that most people are using Perl 5.12.  My old Solaris systems have 5.8 and I'm not even using any of the cool stuff from 5.10 yet.  I'm excited to start after seeing so many examples of things I've been missing out on.  PerlBrew should help with this and I need to start using cpanm.

Notes and reminders: Look into Test::More, Mouse, cpanm, PerlBrew, ZeroMQ, Plack, Dancer, Starman, Mongrel2, Catalyst and, as usual, make a point to spend more time on #perl and PerlMonks.

The interesting thing was Larry Wall's handling of the Perl 6 and the pumpkings.  I have a feeling this year's State of the Onion will be jaw dropping.

Really good conference - even better than last year (for me).  I'm loving the Perl 5 emphasis!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Looking forward to YAPC::NA

I am really looking forward to YAPC::NA.  Looks like it'll be another good one.  I was especially interested in the Plack and Dancer talks (which are not yet confirmed according to the site).  If you see Tatsuhiko Miyagawa or Mark Allen - tell them I'm counting on them!