Friday, June 14, 2013

YAPC::NA 2013 Austin, TX

Another great YAPC has come and gone.  What a great bunch of folks!  Although there were some great sessions, so far, my favorite was Mark Keating's keynote - specifically his advice to "buy this book".  I really didn't think I needed another Perl book - especially one that says "beginning" in the title.  But I looked at it anyway.  This is without a doubt the most complete "beginning" Perl book I've ever seen.  He covered things like the Perl community - which you don't see treated so extensively.  There was coverage of POD (which I love).  Of course it had whole chapter on OOP and one on creating modules - not typically what you'd call "beginning" Perl... And then I saw a chapter on Moose and had to buy it.  It looks to be fun summer reading for me.