Friday, February 10, 2017

These are a few of my favorite modules

I was messing around with Xen on Slackware 14.2 and got my system goofed up.  The console worked but the mouse and keyboard would not function in X.  So, after a bit of flailing, I did a distro upgrade (from Slackware 14.2 to current), re-ran liloconfig and,  ta-dah! -Success!

I noticed Perl didn't work however.  It upgraded Perl but the modules were "mis-matched" it said.  After some googling, I ran across several suggested fixes.  The simplest seemed to me the brute force - delete all Perl references and reinstall Perl - which I did. (perl -E 'map {say $_} @INC')

Now I had a NEW problem.  NO MODULES AT ALL.  Began slowly adding modules as I needed them but today that was getting old.  So I did a quick grep of a few hundred of my Perl programs to see which modules I was using and then did a cpan install of all of them.  It's still running...

Which Perl modules you ask?  Well, to satisfy your curiosity and have this list handy the next time I install a fresh Perl - here's my list:

Gimp Gimp::Fu File::stat Time::localtime DBI Net::LDAP Net::LDAP::Bind Net::LDAP::Search MIME::Lite Net::Nslookup Nmap::Scanner Net::SSL::ExpireDate XML::RSS XML::Simple Test::Simple Net::LDAP::LDIF File::Basename CGI::Carp Net::SNMP SQL::Abstract Text::xSV Pod::HTML2Pod LWP::Simple LWP::UserAgent Net::IMAP::Simple Mojo::UserAgent Data::Dumper Date::Manip Net::Twitter DBD::SQLite Net::DNS Net::Telnet::Cisco DBD::Sybase Crypt::GPG File::Slurp utf8 Socket Net::DNS AnyEvent Net::RabbitFoot WWW::Mechanize HTTP::Cookies File::Copy Bot::BasicBot POE::Component::SSLify Config::General Log::Log4perl::Appender::RRDs LWP::Protocol::https

Wow.  That's actually shorter than I thought.  It looked more impressive as one line.  ;-)


  1. One common solution to the problem is to create a "Task" bundle which is essentially an empty module that lists all of your favorite modules as a dependency. Then you can do something like "cpanm Task::BeLike::RAT" and get all of your favorites in one shot and you don't have to remember the complete list.

  2. That's a cool idea! Thanks!